urgent Material!

Our model sized rockets are very
cost efficient for shipping
smaller payloads



We have already delivered much needed and time sensitive medication and vaccines to remote villages in the Amazon from Manaus with < 10 meter landing precision

We are developing model sized small rockets to be used in extreme weather consitions

Easy to load and launch

Load your shipped materials into the belly of the rocket. It has a maximum load capacity of 1 Kg. Then launch it safely.

Short flight time/ Extreme weather conditions

50 mile flight takes roughly 10 minutes. No drone or any other means of transport can compare to this speed and reaction time

Rocket shaped objects present the smallest profile to extreme wind and with a powerful motor we have control authority under extreme conditions

Low cost

Our model rockets cost < $100 and can be reused unlimited times

Since these are model sized rockets our flight controller and actuation uses off the shelf components

Safety first!

We use a mix of rocket and electric propulsion to account for remote areas and populated areas. Rocket propulsion is only used over unpopulated areas or the rocket only gains altitude on rocket power and ejects safely while still exactly above the launch site. Only electric propulsion is used above populated areas.